Data4Sure – Data is your most valuable asset!

Traditional PC and Server backup is expensive, unreliable and time consuming. Restoration of files is often problematic. Research shows that 50% of companies that loose a substantial amount of their critical data in a disaster never reopen for business. Data4Sure performs seamlessly in the background.

Infinitely superior to traditional backups on tape or disk, you don’t have to rely on error-sensitive media or carry out manual actions. Data4Sure automatically creates backups that are instantly encrypted and stored off site in our data centres.

All your data is available and retrievable 24/7. There are no capex costs to you. Data4Sure scales with your business whatever its size. Data4Sure helps with compliance legislation. So if you want peace of mind, that your data is secure visit our website at and try us for free.

Benefits of online backup

Backup is an essential part of a compliance plan. HIPPA, SOX, Sarbnes oxley.

Secure Offsite Data Storage and Protection
Your data is only retrievable by you. Data is automatically encrypted before
being sent over a secure internet connection to our offsite data centres.

Data4Sure eliminates the need for you to invest in the cost of hardware
and software.

Peace of Mind
Data4Sure runs seamlessly in the background. You decide when the backup needs to be made and the rest happens automatically.

Fast and Easy to use
Recover data with the click of a button anytime anywhere!

Our experienced support team is at your service 24/7/365.


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